American Closets Inc.


At American Closets Inc., we design and install your closet throughout your home. Every space inside your house: Walk-in closets, Reach-in Closets, Laundry, pantries, or work areas that allow your home to run more efficiently while improving organization.  Every space made for optimal storage and organization.

Our services are not limited to residential customers. We also provide excellent closet shelving storage to commercial establishments as well.


The design process begins with one of our employees visiting your home to take measurements of the space and discuss the project. Our design experts will ensure you are getting the best organized space, by drawing the project; then the estimate will be given by email.

The installation is typically two weeks after the initial consultation, and during this time all of the high quality materials used for the building of the closet will be in process. During installation day, our employees will break down any old closet spaces to be replaced carefully, as the newly designed closet is installed. At the end of the day, a clean and functional space will be presented to you!